Kara Mack



Height: 5’3”       Weight: 140       Hair: Golden Brown/Copper       Eyes: Brown



Daughter of Fortune

The Virtuous Woman

The Mating Ritual




Dawn Kamoche, Director

Immanuel Moss, Director

Debra Messing, Director



58thGrammy Awards

The Voice



Fatima Robinson Prod.

Fatima Robinson Prod.

American Idol


Fatima Robinson Prod.




Spoken Word Artist

Divine Rhythm Prod.

Zumbi:  The Rise of Palmares

Female Warrior

Judith Spears, Director




Seasons Reasons


Nate Holden Performing Arts Ctr. 


University of South Carolina School of Theater



Advanced Vocal Techniques

Advanced Singing

Janelle Destefano, Santa Monica College


Special Skills

Sports:Basketball, Bowling, Kickball, Volleyball, Rollerblading, Aerobics, Baseball, Billiards Player, Canoeing, Cheer Leading (Int.), Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Hiking, Jogging, Ping Pong, Roller Skate, Running, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Trampoline, Horseback Riding, Track

Dance:  Club/Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, Afro-Caribbean, West African

Languages:Spanish (Int.), Italian (Int.), Wolof (Int.)

Dialects:Cajun, Italian, NY/Brooklyn, Puerto Rican, Southern, West African, Valley Girl (Southern California)

Miscellaneous Skills:  Crochet, Host, Knit, Stand-In Experience, Teleprompter

Voice/Music:Alto/Mezzo Soprano (Range) 

Other:Professional choreographer credits include:  Kendrick Lamar, Gwen Stefani, R. Kelly







Dance Performances:

2018     Mandingue Empire:  THE CONCERT                                 Kara Mack, Choreo, Producer

2017     “Nothing is New Under the Sun”                                        Kara Mack, Choreo., Producer

2017     Vic Mensa Music Video.                                                             Nate Parker, Dir.

2017     A Tribe Called Quest 59thGrammys                                         Fatima, Choreographer

2016     Kendrick Lamar 58thGrammys                                          Fatima, K. Mack, Choreographer

2016     Build On LoveLife Stream                                                Kara Mack, Choreographer

2015     “Woman Rise Up/Balance”                                               Kara Mack et. Al., choreo. & Prod.

2015     Quatar Airlines at The Grove                                             Willy Souly, Choreographer

2014     “For Our Boys” Orig. Works Showcase                               Kara Mack, et. Al, Choreo & Prod.

2013     Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party (R. Kelly)                            Kara Mack, Choreographer

2013     American Idol (Janelle Monae)                                          Fatima, Choreographer

2010       Busby’s Mile High Club                                                   Kara Mack, Choreographer

2010       Café Blue HB                                                                 Kara Mack, Choreographer

2009     Puma FIFA Soccer Perf. Series                                          Kara Mack, Choreographer

2009     Afro-Funke’                                                                   Kara Mack, Choreographer

2009     Zumbi Day Festival                                                         Kara Mack, Choreographer

2009     Women’s Drum Festival                                                   Kara Mack, Choreographer

2009     Leimert Park Kwanzaa Fest                                               Kara Mack, Choreographer

2009     UCLA Batuclada                                                             Vida Vierra, Choreographer

2009     Big Fatty (Brazilian Carnival)                                            Kara Mack/Dani Lunn, Choreog.

2009     World Sacred Music Festival                                              Dani Lunn, Choreographer

2008     World Sacred Music Festival                                                 Amen Santo, Choreographer

2008     Breakdancing Ford Amphitheater Perform.                            Jolieba Jackson, Choreographer

2008     Korean National Ballet Performance                                    Jeffrey Page,  Choreographer

2005    The 2005 Billboard Music Awards                                       Fatima, Choreographer

2005    The Jerry Lewis Telethon                                                    T. Fotso/K. Mack, Choreographer

2005    The 5thAnnual BET Awards                                                         Jeffery Page, Choreographer

2005    The 36thNAACP Image Awards                                                  Jeffery Page, Choreographer



2018     “For the Culture”                     Choreo./Prod.                       Africa In America

2017     “We the People…”                  Choreo./Prod.                       Africa In America

2016     “JUSTUS”                             Choreo/Prod.                       Africa In America

2015     SPEAK                                 Spoken Word                       Divine Rhythm Productions

2015     “Zumbi: The Rise of Palmares    Female Warrior                    Judith Spears, Director

2015    “Woman Rise Up/Balance”        Dance/Sing/Choreo.Prod          Africa In America 

2014     “For Our Boys…”                       Dancer/Choreo/Prod.              African In America 

2013    Intersections/Aje’                     Dancer                                Viver Brasil Dance

2011    Lanyee                                   Dancer/Choreo.                    Duniya Dance Company

2009     Moist                                     Choreographer                     Iona Morris, Producer

2005    Tandebeer                                Lead                                   REDCAT

2004    Seasons Reasons                       Supporting                          Nate Holden Performing Arts Ctr.



2012    Daughter of Fortune                  Choreographer                         Dawn Kamoche, Director

2007    The Virtuous Woman                Veronica                              Immanuel Moss, Director

2007    The Mating Ritual                    Supporting                           Debra Messing, Director

Dance Companies:

2015-2013          Viver Brasil Dance                Afro-Brazilian/Contem.           Los Angeles, CA

2011                 Duniya Dance Comp.             West African Dance                San Francisco, CA

Present - 2008      Swing Brazil                        Afro-Brazilian Dance              Los Angeles, CA

Present - 2008      Balandugu Kan                     West African Dance                Los Angeles, CA

Present - 2000      CANNE’                              West African Dance                Los Angeles, CA

2006 - 2002          Khaley Nguewel Co.            West African Dance                Los Angeles, CA

2005 – 2004         Masouka Dance Theatre         Central African Dance             Los Angeles, CA



2017    “We the People…”                                  Africa In America

2017     Vic Mensa Music Video                     Nate Parker, Director

2016     Build On LoveLife Stream                   Africa In America

2016     Kendrick Lamar “Alright”                   58thGrammy Awards               

2015     LA Ankara Festival                            Africa In America 

2015    “Woman Rise Up/Balance”                    Africa In America 

2014    “Artbi” Music Video                          Magatte Fall

2014    “African Thriller” Music Video            Rocky Dawuni

2014     Coming to America                            Snoop Dogg’s Son Birthday Party

2014     “For Our Boys…”                                  African In America 

2011   “Lanyee”                                          Duniya Dance Comp.                                                   

2008   “Africa to America”                                Debbie Allen Dance

2008    “Dunham”                                              Debbie Allen Dance

2007   “The Fellowship of Women”                                Balandugu Kan



Present-2014       Discover.You                            African Diasporic Movement         Compton, CA

Present-2014       North County Dance Studio         African Diasporic Movement         Encinitas, CA

Present-2011       Brasil Brasil Cultural Center        West African Dance                     Los Angeles, CA

2009 - 2004        Debbie Allen Dance                      West African/Dunham Techn.        Los Angeles, CA

2008 - 2006           Ijo Ija Academy                            West African Dance                    Los Angeles, CA

2006                      Santa Monica College (T. Assis)   West African Dance                    Santa Monica,CA



Present- 2009      Rosangela Silvestre                      Afro-Brazilian Dance                  Los Angeles, CA

Present- 2009      Vera Passos                                Afro-Brazilian Dance                  Los Angeles, CA

Present- 2007      Silfredo La’O                             Afro-Cuban/Franco Haitian          Los Angeles, CA

Present- 2009      Juan Carlos Blanco                      Afro-Cuban Dance                      Los Angeles, CA

Present- 2007      Freila Blanco                              Afro-Cuban Dance                      Los Angeles, CA

Present-2007      Moustapha Bangoura                   Guinea West African Dance         LA/Conakry

2007                 Tasaro                                       Guinea West African Dance         Conakry, Guinea

Present-2007      Mabiba Baegne                           Congo Central African Dance       Los Angeles, CA

Present-2007      Youssouf Koumbassa                   Guinea West African Dance         NY, NY

Present-2008      Assane Konte                             Kutiro Dance (Casamance)           Washington, DC

Present-2008      Mareme Faye                              Senegal West African Dance         Los Angeles, CA

Present-2003      Aziz Faye                                  Sabar Dance                               Los Angeles, CA

Present-2004      Babacar Mbaye                           Sabar Dance                               NY, NY

Present-2004      Riche Faye                                 Sabar Dance                               NY/Los Angeles

2015-2016          Vieux Diene Sagna                      Sabar Dance                               Dakar, Senegal

2015-2016          Helene Sagna                              Sabar Dance                               Dakar, Senegal

2015-2016          Awa Sow                                   Sabar Dance                               Dakar, Senegal

Present – 2004      Master Dancer, Djeneba Soko          Mali West African Dance               Los Angelea.CA

Present – 2004      Maser Dancer, Sara Marshall           Dunham Technique/Modern           Colombia, SC

2007                     Guinea National Ballet                      Djembe Orchestrated Dance           Guinea, West         


2002 - 2003          Debbie Allen Dance Studio           Hip Hop/African                        Los Angeles, CA

Present - 2002      Dance Arts Academy                   Senegalese Dance                       Los Angeles, CA